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Total Image Protection

Total Image Protection’s WEAR & TEAR SERVICE AGREEMENT provides cosmetic repair and maintenance for new and pre‐owned vehicles for a term of 3, 4, or 5 years WHILE you drive your vehicle, NOT during the lease end, helping to keep your investment in excellent condition while maintaining a high resale value. The WEAR & TEAR SERVICE AGREEMENT may be sold on vehicles that are leased or financed on a residual basis and/or on New & Used Sales. New vehicles must have less than 40,000 odometer miles at time of sale. Used vehicles must have less than 70,000 odometer miles at time of sale.

Coverage benefits include:

  • Scuffed bumpers: front and rear, up to 12” long
  • Minor dings: on all vertical exterior painted sheet metal panels up to 4” in diameter
  • Small exterior metal creases: up to 4” long and ¼” deep
  • Interior Plastic damage: Cracks and gouges in dash and armrests up to 4” long
  • Cigarette burns: damage to cloth, leather, and vinyl up to ½” in diameter
  • Upholstery rips and tears: up to 3” by ¼” wide cuts
  • Stone chips and scratches: “Sprayless” touch‐up on chips up to ¼” in diameter and scratches less than 6” in length
  • Alloy wheel repair: resurface and finish scratches and abrasions on factory alloy wheels, brushed or painted. Excludes chrome wheels.

All covered benefits are allowed a maximum of 5 claims per item listed each year of your agreed terms. The WEAR & TEAR SERVICE AGREEMENT is fully transferable. For more information, contact your DYNAMIC AUTO IMAGES sales director.

Jesse Pastor

Director of Sales

Cell: 714‐240‐5306

John Dalpe

Director of Sales

Cell: 714‐240‐3618