1407 N. Batavia Street #102. Orange, CA 92867


Dear Valued Client,

I would like to introduce myself as founder of Dynamic Auto Images. We are California’s largest automotive reconditioning company in business since 1985. Our website explains the services we provide to the auto industry.

We currently employ over 400 professionally trained technicians that provide an array of detail, reconditioning, and aftermarket services. We take pride in our strict hiring practices which include drug screening and background checks provided by Intellicorp.

It is important for you to know while we eliminate a multitude of positions within your store, each individual is offered a position within our company at their current rate of pay and similar schedule. They are however, assigned to one of our other locations where we properly train and teach them our operational standards. I have found this practice to be effective in transitioning Dynamic Auto Images into your organization. This allows you to reduce your overhead by eliminating positions. It also prevents any potential unemployment claims.

In closing, I would like to thank you for taking the time to learn about Dynamic Auto Images. As you will see, we are more than just an “auto detail company”. We consider every client a partner by which we work closely together to enhance your customers’ overall experience.


Tom Miller